Travel Blog 20; Don’t Sweat The Mind Set

So after a record amount of time spent in one spot, since leaving home, Tha Bozz has finally left Sydney. When I first arrived in Sydney in late March I didn’t even want to be there. The idea of leaving my spot in Perth for one in Sydney felt like the equivalent of trading a three course steak dinner at Sizzlers for a Cheese and Ham Toasty at 7-Eleven. Not one from a store in Thailand either.

Alas, despite the puddle-water-dull job, the puddle-water-dirty hostel kitchen and just plain puddle-water coming out of the taps in Kings Cross (seriously I had a four month stomach bug) I fell in love. Not with the job, the kitchen or the bug but with the people I got to share those things with.

Like so many times before and hopefully after; the goodbyes were tough but I always know when its time to move on. Mainly because most of my friends are doing the same. God bless you guys and girls I met in the big, bad City and I hope we cross paths again.

As for now; things have been kind of chill. Last week I caught a flight to Ballina and a bus to Byron Bay where I met up with my two German homies I met earlier in Sydney and a few new faces and we mellowed the hell out. Even though Byron has been trod on more times than Mo Farah’s Treadmill the place still has a strange calmness to it. As long as you can look past the plastic-smiled touters, naff bars, dreadlocks and cocky Canadian and British Gapbackers (sorry but you guys and dolls are like moths to flames in this region!) then the place is beautiful. We Kayaked, chilled on the beach, played card games and randomly ended up in the most eastern point in all of Australia.

As I write this I’m chilling on the beach in Surfers Paradise. I’ve been by myself all day and only reason I wasn’t yesterday was because I linked up with one of my best mates from Sydney for a catch up. In fact the only reason I wasn’t alone in Byron was because of the same reason. By the way this isn’t all supposed to read like a sad Crescendo, I’m cool with it. I wasn’t really feeling the party scene in Byron Bay and for the most part I’m not really feeling the people scene in my hostel in Surfers Paradise. Why would I? They’re clicky, unapproachable and difficult to converse with. This is cool, it doesn’t make them bad people it just means we haven’t clicked and frankly I need me some Me Time anyway. Truthfully I do think that some of the people round here are p*ricks with a capital P but that doesn’t mean that they are. Some people think that about me to…Make of that what you will…

What’s strange is as I look out in front of me at the beautiful sea and the sky that’s just started to become that lovely orange and pink/purple colour whilst simultaneously wishing that all the buildings, traffic and Chinese tourists behind me would disappear is that being alone isn’t bothering me.

It might have done a while ago. I remember I used to think either I or everyone else was doing something wrong if I wasn’t in the thick of things. Every time the crowd was upstairs with beer pong balls in their hands and Pitbull in their ears and I honestly wanted to be downstairs with The Disaster Artist and Canibus in mine. Not so much now though and I’m content to let my preferences and states of mind come and go as they please.

Point is I’m not forcing anything anymore. Doing so can be harmful. At the minute I’m not feeling partying or even being particularly sociable and that’s okay because it’ll pass when its ready to. In closing I would advise future long-term travellers to not worry when their mind sets change during their journey as you wouldn’t expect them to not change at home over longer periods of time and understand that you are not obliged to think, say or do anything if your not feeling it. Don’t force friendships or feelings, they come naturally. Don’t be embarrassed about needing to duck crowds or about going into some hostels and just not quite clicking with the crowd; it happens and as there are over 7 billion of us out there its not really a big deal.

Oh and for Gods sake don’t fall asleep on the beach without sunscreen. I did and my upper body looks like a map of Earth when the only rock  on it was Pangaea and my face is splitting and eroding in much the same way that it apparently did all those years ago.

I’m Tha Bozz and that’s opinion.


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