Travel Blog 19; Life is a Blessing

Honestly, this post was originally going to be a lot different and come out a lot earlier and not just because my computer crashed and completely wiped away all memory of the original draft! I’d planned for it to be an obnoxious, graphic and detailed celebration of the Skydive that I had done with my good friend just a little while back. I even had an opening joke lined up about how day to day living in Sydney had all become too much and our only escape was to leap 14,000 feet out of a plane, a joke I now feel like the worst human being in the world for even thinking of in light of what happened just over a week ago.

For those that haven’t read about it; on the 15th July 29 year old Singaporean national Mr Low Ke Wei and his Australian instructor Mr Adrian Lloyd left their homes to go skydiving and they never came back. What happened was a freak accident that know body could have prepared for and one that hit me hard when I read about it. This is not just because of the nature of the events but also because they took place at the same sight, during the same seemingly perfect conditions, through the same company and hell, there’s even a chance that they jumped out of the same plane that we were in less than a week before. I cant say for sure but for all I know Mr Lloyd may have even been sat in that plane with us a few Sundays ago.

As I laid in my bed cursing my self-inflicted headache that morning that the news broke one thing occurred to me, a thing that I’ve always known in my head and my heart but what I read increased its font and volume seven-fold; LIFE IS SHORT. My God it is and like A.Z told us back in the 90’s “You Never Know When Your Gonna Go.”

I’ve been living in Sydney now for around 4 months and its had its ups and downs. The city has great transport links, beautiful weather and some awesome beaches right on its doorstep. However it also has unethical prices, garbage nightlife and people who think that walking through a packed high street with their phones in front of their faces is a good idea. Due to many other pros and cons my mind state, which could be considered inconsistent and volatile at the best of times, has seen more highs and lows than Mariah Carey’s discography. I’ve always been alive though.

I know that last bit sounds obvious but how else can I say it more vehemently? I AM STILL ALIVE and that is the biggest blessing their is. So the job is a drag and most of the people are boring? So what its money and its not forever. So its too expensive to go out drinking and dancing every week? So what Goon is cheap and I cant dance for s*it anyway. So that sweet girl in the hostel just might not be into me the way that I’m into her? So what she’s still that same sweetie and Lord knows I can never have too many friends.

What I’m trying to say is that life is a blessing and realising that if we had taken our dive just 6 days later than we did I might not be sitting here telling the tale has made this fact hit harder than ever. I’m not going to sit here and say that I’ll never complain again about my life and the First-World dramas that come with it because if I did I’d be adding ‘Liar’ to my resume that already contains more flaws than The Empire State but I am going to try. My heart goes out to the families and friends of Mr Low Ke Wei and Mr Adrian Lloyd in this no doubt horribly difficult time.

Life is for living and as I gear up to move on from my current spot in Sydney its time to realise this and appreciate that the good always far outweighs the bad and just as long as my heart is beating and I have my health then I have something to be happy and thankful for. Not everyone is as fortunate.

I’m Tha Bozz and that’s my opinion.


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