Travel Blog Part 2; Need a Job so Hitting the Blog

So what do you know? That’s another Christmas and another New Years Eve in the bag. However my family were treated to a slightly different set of festivities this time around as for the first time since my conception they were not treated to my eloquant company. Nor I theirs. I was in Wellington and they were in Cardiff; quite literally half a world apart.

Christmas has always been one of my favourite times of the year but I do have a problem with the story surrounding it. Firstly the concept of immaculate conception does not rest well with me. Apart from the obvious reason of it not being genetically possible, kind of like the birth of Anakin Skywalker, I have another issue. Mary SWORE that she was a virgin when she fell prego with little Jesus but if this were the case, and call me sceptical if you want, then how do you explain the three wealthy strangers that showed up to the birth bearing such expensive and exquisite gifts!? Who’s to say alimony didn’t exist back then?

On the subject of those gifts; doesn’t Jesus’ whole message and image seem a little contradictory? I don’t claim to be an expert on the New Testament or any of the good book but throughout his journey Jesus’ teachings seemed to carry a theme of humility and he encouraged people to not strive for riches, wealth and other materialistic endeavours. That’s a pretty easy message to preach for a guy that was presented with gold on the day of his birth don’t you think!? Keeping in mind that a single gold coin was worth more than a months wages. Frankincense and Myrhh likely weren’t going cheap either. Point is; it seems a little ironic to say the least for a guy to preach such preaching’s when, unless all that stuff went straight to the City Mission, he was probably worth more than any guy within a 300 mile radius before he’d taken his first good s*it.

Back on track though, I’m in Wellington. I got here on an overnight bus with less leg room than the inside of an oyster and shared my seating area with a 6,4, 240lbs behemoth with the agility of a gymnast. I know this because he didn’t hold still for longer than 2 minutes at a time. Thankfully though I like Wellington more than Auckland, a lot more. Its smaller, the people are friendlier, the nightlife is better and the beach on the doorstep thing just about seals it. Christmas and New Year were a blast. There was alcohol, food and some pretty darn awesome people involved. Having sunshine and beach time on the 25th December was also a cool novelty.

The hostel I’m at is pretty cool as well. Its easily the cleanest I’ve been in so far, its reasonably priced and my blanket and mattress don’t feel like there alive with the sound of the rainforest. The advantage of not having a job yet has also been that I’ve been able to dodge the insufferable office small talk that comes with every back-to-work-after-some-time-off period. Yes, Christmas was good. Yes, New Years was nice. No, I didn’t make a resolution. No, I haven’t started back at the gym yet and thanks for bringing it up.

The disadvantages of not having a job would take me well over my personal word count to list and I’m fairly sure common sense and a keen ear and eye for the obvious will spell it out for you. I should be looking for a job so I’m hitting the blog; that’s procrastinating by the way. I’m due to start woofing at the hostel at the end of the week (‘woofing’ isn’t nearly as dirty as it sounds, look it up) but I need me some concrete coin! Filling out application forms is a near insufferable task especially when your constantly hungover and waking up before 10am is a genuine challenge. Can you imagine if we were actually honest on those things? Nobody would ever get a job…ever. Maybe we should all try it for a while? Nobody would get hired, the companies would be desperate for bodies and pretty soon the only thing you’d need to get a job as an astrophysicist would be the ability to spell it, I spell checked it by the way.

The Kiwi bank account is sorted, the IRD number is on the way (very slowly mind you. Turns out Kiwi Time is just as extreme if not more so than Fiji Time) and all we need now is the job to go with it.

All in all things are looking up. I’m in a city that I can see myself staying in for a few months, I’ve made some good buddies and I’m off to watch The Phoenix play this weekend. I’m not sure if that last one is really a positive but time will tell. Not going to lie this little Welsh kid still gets a little homesick from time to time and festivities without the family were a little daunting but life goes on and I’m in a much more fortunate position than a lot of people in the world, some of which I know personally. Time to hit the job search and probably the bottle good and hard and see what’s next in store for a Bozz.

I’m Tha Bozz and that’s my opinion.


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