A Hard Goodbye to a Great Job

I’m actually quite excited right now. I mean why the hell shouldn’t I be? I’ve just checked the forecast and its currently 30 degrees in Nadi with little to know chance of precipitation, keep in mind as I type this its only 8am. The Kiwis are so hyped over the World Cup result that there probably still partying and I’m currently writing this piece with my brand spanking new tablet. I’m just glad the thing works; the one that I ordered previously had more chance of making warm toast than it did a solid connection to the internet. Always try before you buy people. If you take that principle with your product purchases, your food, your housing and your people then you’ll be just fine.

My week has been a little on the restless side. I subjected myself to all 5 of the Paranormal Activity films that are available to purchase. Who the hell am I kidding? I downloaded them illegally but I did watch them all; one a week night. The restlessness wasn’t caused by the series’ brand of what nowadays passes for horror but more from the fact that I couldn’t help but think that if you just gave me a Nikon, a few days with the local college drama department, £50 and a few strips of duct tape I could probably do better than what’s on show in the fourth one.

Seriously those things have plot holes so big that you could park an SUV in them. The actors are horrible and the characters never have the common sense to convince the people that their trying to convince about the ghost by, God-forbid, SHOWING THEM the footage of the ghost. The stuff you see would provide unreputable proof and its obviously been recorded and still exists because if it wasn’t how the f*ck would we be able to see it!? Found Footage; the clue is in the name.

Outside of contemplating my potential future in the world of Hollywood I’ve also been contemplating my future income source. Plans have changed a little bit with regards to my upcoming adventures and the idea of a working holiday in New Zealand has become ridiculously appealing.

I have a CV that says I’m good at stuff, then again its bound to flatter me when its me that wrote it. I’m qualified to teach English, I’m qualified to sell you decking, I’m qualified to pull pints, I’m qualified to pull faces and I’m qualified to pull your girl (probably not.). I’ve sold clothing, flat-pack, sofas, fast food and conservation plans. I’m off the boil, often off the beaten track and occasionally off my face. I’m in the zone, out of counselling and in denial. As such a jack of all I often wonder if I’m a master of any, then of course I remember that 12 hour marathon of Tekken 3 I completed back when I was 9 whereby I beat the campaign with every character in one sitting and my mind is at rest.

On the subject of work I feel its a perfect time to talk/write a little bit about my occupation; of which I enjoyed my last day of yesterday. I feel it worth noting that I am no longer an employee of this company and have no legal or financial obligation to them of any kind nor them to me before I express what an absolute pleasure it has been to work there.

Most people who pack their bags and head for warmer climates express how much they despised their job back home yet I’m an exception to that rule. This is because most people turn up at 9am, punch in their shift, clock out at 5pm and go home, my job had a little more to it than that and not just because I finished at 5:30.

When I started 2 years and 3 months ago the person put in charge of training me could have probably done without the hassle. I was and in some ways still am opinionated, obnoxious and a little bit eccentric. Despite this my mentor was conscientious, attentive and hard working and made sure that I was comfortable in my new role.

During my time at this job I’ve been in the zone, in the money, in the doghouse, in the moment, in the way, in the right, in the wrong and even in love. Throughout all of these different in’s one thing has remained consistent and that’s the support that has been afforded me. At the end of the day nobody gets any extra money for giving such support so the fact that its there at all is a blessing let alone that its there so consistently.

I’m not too proud to admit that this time last year I was a nightmare to work with, like more than usual. During this period my employers would have been within their right to wheel me off on the assembly line of industry and get somebody else to fill my spot and yet they stuck with me and believed in me when I perhaps wasn’t believing in myself.

I’ve worked many jobs. Some I’ve felt amicable towards others I utterly despised (*cough* Next!). Yet my most recent 2 year and 3 month stint is the only time in my life that I’ve been able to genuinely say that I enjoy my job and I don’t dread going to it every morning. I love the people, the atmosphere and most of all the fact that I don’t feel like a God-damn number.

The company has recently closed a big deal that’s very positive and I look forward to reading in a few years time about how they’ve become even more successful, the owner is a grafter and deserves nothing less. In terms of employment in New Zealand I could end up doing anything from teaching English to foreign students at a college to washing Jonah Lomu’s gym shorts but if the place I end up working in shows half as much genuine care for its employees as where I’m coming from and is half as much fun to work in then I’ll consider myself doublelly blessed.

I’m Tha Bozz and that’s my opinion.

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