A Most Educational Hangover…

This Monday at long last I finally felt life starting to creep back into my bones. The headache started to wear off, my breathing returned to normal and it’s getting easier to regulate my body temperature. No I haven’t been sick (despite several bouts of vomiting), I haven’t been in a fight (actually I might have been for all I know and can remember) and I’ve had no shortage of sleep in the last couple of days. That’s right you guessed it; I had a hangover a very, very bad hangover.

Last Saturday was Halloween and also doubled up as my leaving doo as my jaunt to the other side of the planet is now dangerously close. So in honour of the occasion I threw on my dark dressing gown, donned the red and black face paint and picked up a flimsy red lightsaber from entertainer for £6; best £6 I’ve ever spent! ‘Tonight Matthew I am going to be Darth Maul’ is what I said to myself and my cronies as I downed the amber fluid. In reality I looked more like an unemployed alcoholic in a dressing gown with a skin disorder but at least I was trying. I think the problems began as soon as the liquids being consumed stopped being amber and moved onto the colourless and scentless kind. As a rule colourless and scentless get this kid legless and the night involved, amongst other things, falling down as well as up (somehow) several flights of stairs, vomiting, Dad-at-a-Wedding dancing, hi-jacking a DJ booth and flooding a venue with Christmas songs at the end of October before trying to convince some poor lady that I was once in The Streets. The evening also ended with a brawl outside the local McDonalds and although I’m fairly sure I didn’t start it I MIGHT have been a contributing factor, only might though.

Sure enough yesterday was a right-off and consisted of snogging the toilet seat, Aspirin sandwiches and Season 4 of Lost; my-God its getting silly the flashbacks are going forward now as well as back for heaven’s sake! Cleaning up the remnants of the previous night’s pre-drinking was also no easy task as the flat was richer in aluminium than China and even a whiff of the grog was setting my hangover back three-steps.

However and somewhat unfortunately even when my head feels like it’s got a SlipKnot concert going on inside it the big pink squishy thing that keeps everything else ticking over will not rest. Thoughts circulated it such as do the Fijian Islands have Wi-Fi? Do people in New Zealand watch WWE? Will they mind if I watch WWE? Does Thailand have a welfare system? How expensive is it to make Pad-Thai and how long does it take? What plug sockets do they use over there? Does the king of Thailand wear his crown in the shower? Do kings and queens even have crowns anymore or is the title more symbolic nowadays? Is 2Pac still alive? I digress…

Out of all the musings and wonderings that came flying in and out of my out-of-shape-in-shape mind one of the most distinct was about the evening prior and what had transpired and I don’t just mean the fact that I can’t remember much of it after a certain point. What I’m referring to is what a lucky S.O.B I truly am not just because nobody killed me out there or even tried to as far as I know but because I had such a great bunch of human beings to do it all with.

I’ll be totally honest when I finished up in college I didn’t really have many close friends and this wasn’t necessarily always everybody else’s fault. Most people in school would have likely told you I was the worst thing my mum’s ever had and fact is I was a little difficult. If I had anymore to say for myself at that age I’d have been a politician, I exhibited almost Hulk-like levels of anger (sadly I didn’t have the physique though) and if you were stood in a different room to me, on a different side, on a different floor but in the same building as far as I was concerned you were way up in my personal space and I didn’t have any time for that or you!

Then it all changed. Ironically most shy, introverted and frankly kind-of weird adolescents like myself need to move to larger cities in order to ‘find themselves’ yet for me it was the complete opposite. I moved from a capital to a place on the other end of the country that could barely qualify as a One Horse Town, although a drunken traveller did take his pet Donkey into the local Wetherspoons and try to feed it beer before boarding a train with it once; seriously.

I’ve changed hugely as a person and have hopefully become easier to stomach but that’s because of the company I’ve managed to keep. Having such a great bunch of friends that you feel like you can be yourself around is a true blessing that not everybody has and I understand that more than ever. So many times in day to day life my mind and my mouth can run away with themselves and I just come out with the first thing that comes into my head, I guess I’m just built that way, but my friends never judge me and just keep it moving and even in the state I was in the other night they still wanted to be around me.

Saying goodbye to my friends is one of the most difficult things about this travelling business that I’m dipping my toes into the waters of right now but I know they’ll always be right where I left them, metaphorically not literally; that would just be weird. Sometimes it takes a strange event like this year’s Halloween to really hammer home how lucky I am and although I’m always moving forward I’ll never forget how my friends have supported and helped me in the past. Adios Amigos!

I’m Tha Bozz and that’s my opinion.

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