Rowdy Rousey & Money Mayweather

Boxing and MMA; two combat sports that I’d never claim to be a die-hard expert on but I am a big fan of boxing. MMA, not so much, if I’m honest despite the skill involved I find the actual bouts to be nauseating most of the time. Coupled with the general obnoxiousness of most of the promoters and announcers and their passive aggressive high and mighty attitudes towards anything remotely physical that isn’t what they do; Boxing, WWE etc it usually doesn’t gel with me.

However, arguably the biggest stars of both worlds have recently come into a war of words again and despite my preferential alignments I can’t help but side with the MMA side of things. The two stars that I am of course referring to are the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey and the More-Three-Letter-Abbreviations-Than-Most-Would-Care-to-Quote Welterweight and Junior Middleweight Champion Floyd Mayweather.

The tiff that these two combat machines are having all started back in 2014 when during an interview with USA Today Floyd claimed to not know who Rousey was. Not only did he make this claim but he also mistook her for a man! Now don’t get me wrong unlike some of my friends I don’t find Ms Rousey even remotely attractive. Something about women that could break my nose by starring at it and kill me six times over in barely as many seconds just doesn’t do it for me but I’d never mistake her for being the same gender as me and not just out of fear of what might happen.

Rousey kept pretty quiet about it until last month’s ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) Awards where she picked up the award for Best Fighter beating out Donald Cerrone, Gennady Golovkin, Terence Crawford and, none other than, Floyd Mayweather. During her winners speech Rousey’s exact words were;

“I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once. I’d like to see you pretend to not know who I am now.”

For those uninitiated; the first comment was in reference to the fact that Floyd has likely scored more clean shots to the head of his ex-girlfriend than he scored against Manny Pacquiao back in May. The latter is pretty self-explanatory.

Eager not to be outdone Floyd responded in an interview with Sportscenter asking Rousey to call him when she can;

“Make over $300 million in 36 minutes.”

Well I got news for you ‘Money’, I don’t know exactly what Rouseys purse was for her last two fights but I seriously doubt it was the minimum wage and she was having her hand raised for both of them in under 36 seconds. I struggle to see how the ‘I make more money than you’ argument is even relevant as it was never bought up or disputed. Both fighters make unethical amounts of money for beating people up. The only clear difference I saw in their last televised performances was that Rousey bulldozed her opponent in an aggressive and decisive manner whilst Floyd had clearly made a mutual agreement ,whether spoken or not, with his opponent that the two just weren’t going to turn things up as high as they could have done.

Now far from me to try and breakdown the science, I’m far from qualified enough to do that. I am qualified to call what I see though and what I see is a sports star that falsely claimed to be unaware of the existence of one of his peers. I say falsely because during the time that he said it he was actually running against said peer for the very same award that she snubbed him for a year later, which makes it quite insulting as well. Now a year later said sports star has been somewhat bested by the candidate that he originally thought was beneath him and would never amount to his level of stardom and accomplishment, possibly due to her sharing the same chromosomal order of many of his personal punching bags. Said sports star has been caught with no comeback so is forced to resort to the only aspect of his career that can’t be disputed, that he makes a lot of money, and has made himself look like a tosser. I wouldn’t say it’s a good look Floyd but you wear it like a natural…

I’m Tha Bozz and that’s my opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Rowdy Rousey & Money Mayweather

  1. Good stuff, especially the background on the history between the two. Bad looks definitely suit Floyd well.

    1. Thanks very much for reading. Haha! Yeah being a jack-a** just comes naturally to some; Floyd is easily as good at being one as he is at boxing.

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