Tha Bozz: Yes I Can (My First OFFICIAL Online Mixtape)


Today is the day that my mixtape has finally broken its restraints and escaped into the world of online music.

I present my 13 track monster, that comes with a bonus video of a full performance taken from the BBC Studio’s in sunny Wrexham, not surprised if you’ve never heard of Wrexham and even less surprised if you’ve never heard of me because I’m not great like that.

Either way the price of admission is 3 of your finest British Pounds and 99 pennies, I’m not really bothered about how fine they are. I will also be donating 99p of every download to Nightingale House Hospice, a hospice in Wrexham. Here is the link and now I’m free to sit back, watch Game of Thrones with my flatmate and let nature take its course. Many thanks for reading and even more thanks to those that have supported, stuck by and have believed in me and I hope that you take the plunge and download this release, more importantly I hope that you enjoy the ride and come back around next time.


PS. I would bring up the ‘hater’s’ but its been a pretty long week and I have work in the morning 😉 .


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