Police Cars – My Second Official Music Video


I released my second official music video this evening and above is a link where you can view it via my YouTube Channel.

The song is called Police Cars and it centres around the subject of socially and economically troubled areas in the town of Wrexham, where I live. A lot of people are not aware that Wrexham is actually one of the poorest areas in the country at the moment and has been hit extremely hard by the depression in certain regards.

The entire video is filmed in Wrexham and whiles this video’s predecessor aimed to create a pretty and idyllic atmosphere, my intention with Police Cars was to create a gritty and realistic interpretation of what some areas of my town look like. I decided to film mostly in areas of the town centre and even used the Wrexham football teams ground the Glyndwr University Racecourse as a backdrop as well as brandishing the team’s jersey in a number of shots. I am a huge Wrexham FC supporter and it was important to me to make sure that this came across in the video.

Although the song and video paint some negative imagery I also wanted to make it clear that despite any flaws that it may have, I do harbour a huge amount of love for the town of Wrexham as it is where I obtained my degree and more importantly where I met a lot of my closest friends.

I hope you enjoy the video and would love to hear any feedback, many thanks for reading. The video was shot by Tudno Media, produced by Mr Phormula and filmed in Wrexham Town, North Wales. The song will be featured on my mixtape, Yes I Can, which will be releasing soon!

“Got the heart of a dragon and I’m red through and through…” – Tha Bozz


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